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The world of DAOs is very broad, so that there are many ways to classify and evaluate a DAO.

FPC has chosen to proceed along two paths: one that is quantitative, analyzing the certain parameters of the largest number of DAOs, and one that is qualitative, conducting the analysis, first of a selected group of DAOs, based on the aforementioned quantitative indicators, and then analyzes each DAO according to a grid that has been consolidated from the best practices of corporate evaluation (after all, DAOs are a bit like a business) also adding techniques for analyzing the success of crowdfunding campaigns (DAOs are a way of raising, segregating, and allocating resources to a specific purpose for both investment and social goals).

Our method is constantly evolving and results and advancements will be presented on this site, where as soon as possible an interactive interface will be exposed where everyone can measure the DAO of their interest by answering a few questions, and getting the summary evaluation expressed by our algorithm.

But knowing a DAO in order to decide whether to invest or believe in its objectives, is a much longer path; we are the first to experiment with it and we are at your disposal to qualitatively analyze the DAOs of your interest.