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  • Presenting ESG DAO Governance: DAO and alternative investment funds - Lesson n. 36
    DAOs have several limitations because they operate in a relatively new and evolving legal context. There are no standardized legal frameworks specifically designed for DAOs, but they must still comply with existing laws and regulations. The following are some limitations and legal considerations that DAOs may encounter: 1. Regulatory Compliance: DAOs must adhere to applicable laws and… [Read more]
  • Introducing ESG DAO Governance: Overcoming the Limits of ESG Funds for Investors - Lesson n. 35
    The first point is undoubtedly to improve governance, and there is no shortage of recipes for improving governance but that encounter difficulties and even banal necessities. A good example can be the management of voting in an advisory committee. Ideally, everyone should be present, informed, and able to know each other opinions, or in some cases, opinions should be protected through… [Read more]
  • Introducing ESG DAO Governance: Empowering Financial Institutions for a Sustainable Future - Lesson n. 34
    In a world where financial institutions face increasing pressure to address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, First Personal Coin is proud to present "ESG DAO Governance" an extraordinary organizational model that combines cutting-edge technology, economic expertise, and legal acumen to support Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) with a specific ESG mission. At First… [Read more]
  • Vitalik vs. Maker DAO? - Lesson n. 33
    Always looking for moments of reflection, an interesting insight in recent days comes from Vitalik Buterin (for those who don't know, the "inventor" of Ethereum).  Indeed, when Rune Christensen, co-founder of MakerDAO, published a paper detailing the migration that will involve launching a new network exclusively for Maker, with changes to the MKR and DAI tokens (but will take about three years… [Read more]
  • Discovering Friend Tech - Lesson n. 32
    A few months ago, we talked about Optimism, (for those who don't remember, please click here) about its ambitious goals and the collaboration with Coinbase. From this collaboration, BASE was born, a project incubated within Coinbase but with the plans to gradually decentralize with the ambition of bringing the next billion users on-chain. (click here BASE is built as a second-layer (… [Read more]