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    New opportunities, new experiences and new risks: discover the Web 3.0 and the Metaverse with us

Our services

Ready to bring companies and operators from the banking and financial world into the onlife world, combining strategic positioning and immediate economic benefits


FPC, starting from an extensive network and partnerships within the Web 3.0 ecosystem, led by those who have already done it, connects clients with key players in the space. FPC can help access valuable resources, funding opportunities, helping clients navigate the legal and compliance challenges associated with blockchain and decentralized technologies, reducing their exposure to risks.


A results-driven approach, requires that, not only specialists, but also the entire company be aware of the opportunities of the Metaverse participating in online and classroom-based group training opportunities, as well as one-to-one in-depth analysis with the intervention of our subject matter experts.


Entering the WEB 3.0 is definitely a technological experience, our proposal includes both the gradualness of ancillary services and advanced technological development on the main platforms, starting from a thorough feasibility study and achieving the realization of a One-Stop-Shop approach.

Score DAO

The number of Dao developed in the world is still very small, after analyzing many of them and collecting significant data on the main ones, we make available to everyone an algorithm that gives a recommendation of the quality of the Dao you are joining, thinking of collaborating with or sending funds to. More in-depth analysis is possible with the support of our professionals.


When it was born, Internet was a world that promised opportunity, information, and economic advantage; at some point the web giants emerged, but today new opportunities are opening up.


The technology behind the operation of crypto-assets is known as Distributed Ledger Technology; it is a decentralized database in which all computers on a network own the same copy of the database. What is peculiar about DLT is that it is global and cryptography-based. But what is it used for and why is it revolutionary?


The financial system is extremely complex in terms of both for products, rules and for new players. Technology has strongly influenced its development, but even heavier has been the intervention of regulation that has taken away people's autonomy, by adding costs to decrease risk. DeFi aims to solve these issues, but is it true?


Experimented by new generations in the gaming world, the Metaverse is proposed as a new economic environment and as the most modern version of the attention market


The word is formed from "meta" meaning "beyond" and recalls "universe," indicating an open world consisting of persistent, shared 3D virtual spaces in which to meet people in a perceived virtual universe. Want to find out why it will change our everyday lives?


Our digital identity can no longer only be defended by passwords; risks also come from the use of those who hold our data.  With the Metaverse, the use of avatars is spreading, but are we responsible for what  our avatar does, and what do we have to ask an avatar in order to trust them?

WEB 3.0

New technologies allow, on the one side, instantaneous interactions, bypassing intermediaries, and on the other side, new economic models based on blockchains


The biggest innovation since Bitcoin, midway between the computer code and the civil code, are Smart Contracts, which allow individual functions to be automated, reducing costs, giving certainty of execution under certain conditions with the inherent security of the blockchain. For some people they are not smart for others they are not contracts: would you like to form your own opinion by documenting and meeting with our experts?


Decentralized technology makes it possible to coordinate people and manage amounts intended to achieve a set purpose; coordinating a series of computers. This is all thanks to independent software called DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).There are many types of DAOs, but there are some essential features. Do you want to find out how they work and which ones to trust?